Rockland_Bergen_County_Family_Lifestyle_Newborn_Photographer_0474If you are anything like me, you are totally over this wet, snowy and cold wintry weather! Even though it’s now officially spring, it hasn’t really been feeling like it. So today we decided to share one of our Spring Mini Sessions from last year that we never got to put on the blog because we were just so busy. Let’s hope it ushers in some warm weather soon!

So meet the S. family. I met them a few years ago as their son was in class with my son. Over the years I’ve seen them grow and change and become really beautiful kids. I love how the youngest is always close to Mom, holding her hand or in her lap. Big sister is always full of big smiles for me and very friendly and sweet. And let’s not forget the brother, nicely sandwiched in the middle between Sister 1 and Sister 2. He’s such a sweet kid – he can be shy at times, but once you get him going, he’s a lot of fun.

I think their pictures really capture their personalities and the way that they are together. They just really were a lot of fun. So without further adieu, here’s the S. family last spring, to help get us in the mood for some nice warm, beautiful and green scenery. I can’t wait to get out there and start shooting again without my fingers being numb or everyone shivering!


What a gorgeous family of five! I love the texture of the stone wall in the background.


And another sweet shot of the whole gang – this time in front of a lush green tree.


Big sister with a big beautiful smile.


That hair, that smile! What a stunning girl!


Little sister’s eyes – so bright and so blue!


Brother is quite the charmer, let me tell you. What a sneaky smile!


All the siblings huddle together for a fun group shot – lots of love here, folks.


Made you laugh! You can almost hear it, can’t you?


Little sister’s more serious side.


Big sister’s turn to laugh it up!


And one last smile from Mr. Charm.

Remember, spring is a great time to plan your family photos. The light is beautiful and soft and everything is coming in green and all the color is coming back. It’s a time for new starts, and it’s a time for new pictures.


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