My absolute favorite photos of my kids are the one that evoke strong emotions and memories. Posed picture are always nice, but the ones that remind you of a once in a life time moment, are the most special to me. This snipet of my 3 year olds life, made my husband and I laugh so hard it brought tears to our eyes. He couldn’t wait to go outside. Still in his pj’s, firemen boots, and batman mask he ran outside. I just had to get my camera to recored this. I know that whenever I see this in years to come, I will laugh out loud remembering how happy and giddy we were. I wouldn’t trade these photos for anything. So remember even when they don’t do what you want, wear what you want, or act how you want, you may get the most amazing photo that will make you feel like you are back in that moment every time you look at it.