This year here in NY/NJ, Halloween was vey bittersweet. As you know Hurricane Sandy has devastated much of the tristate area. Though we and our families were very lucky, so many weren’t.  Now I’m sitting here as we weather the Nor’ easter that is dumping it’s snow on us. I haven’t been in much of a mood to celebrate anything. Watching news footage of my home town in Long Island under water, my favorite places washing away with the tide, Staten Island drowning, Breezy Point burning, the Jersey Shore disappearing, as well as so many other places has left me very sullen but thankful. I’ve spent the last week scouring my house for anything I could donate. Even my 4 year old picked out toys to give away. I’ve been trying to find organizations to donate my time and talent too.

Through all this, it’s been hard to take out my camera and be me. To capture those giggles and smiles. I haven’t wanted to edit much either because I feel guilty about our good luck. But I did bring it with me on Halloween. Yes we got to go out and trick or treat. We were one of the few neighborhoods that had power and little damage (lucky). We were able to get out there for the kids. Friends joined us from Westchester who were without power or a safe place to trick or treat. We had a good time in that hour before my husband had to go to work and deal with the mess that was left. Later others came over for pizza and fun. Children really can make you smile even when you don’t think you have it in you.

I didn’t take many photos as my little guy was a speed demon (well dragon), and was a lot to handle, but I got a few. My older one was Heatwave, a Rescue Bot (the preschool version of Transformers). Just looking at their smiles here make me so grateful to have my family, wonderful friends and my home.

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