Rockland_Bergen_County_Family_Lifestyle_Newborn_Photographer_0034 Professional headshots aren’t just for Hollywood hopefuls anymore. In our social-media-savvy world, people of all professions have an opportunity to tell their customers a lot about themselves, their business and their brand with a great headshot.

Think of all of the places where fantastic professional photos belong: Your “About Us” page on your company’s website. Your Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles. Your business cards. Your email signatures.

For many businesses (myself included), our first-time interaction with potential customers rarely happens in person anymore. Instead, they “meet” us online. Your headshot is your virtual handshake. An amateur photo can give the impression of a weak grip, making the client wonder if they can trust you with their business. A professional headshot is like a firm, strong handshake. It reassures your potential clients that you take your work seriously and are experienced in your field.

And professional headshots don’t just have to be you in a suit against a white or black background anymore either. Sure, there are many professions (real-estate agents, for example) where traditional headshots like those you see below are still what’s required. Rockland_Bergen_County_Family_Lifestyle_Newborn_Photographer_0037 But for many others, a modern approach to headshots packs a lot more information into your image. Consider the following examples of the modern take:


Here we can compare and contrast the modern and traditional approaches to the headshot with the same gorgeous subject. The modern approach, on the left, puts her in a beautiful outdoor setting with lovely natural light. On the right, we see the traditional approach with studio lighting and a black backdrop. Both nice photos, but you can imagine if she were a landscape architect or even a botanist, the modern approach tells more of her professional story than the traditional headshot alone.


Capturing this artisanal soap maker at work in her home is a fresh, modern approach to her professional business photos. You could even argue that these headshots double as product photography – don’t you just want to reach out and smell those soaps? If you are a crafts-man or -woman of any kind, a modern headshot capturing you in your creative space is the way to go.


Though these two headshots are set in a studio against a gray backdrop, the posing here adds a more modern twist.


For savvy businesswomen and men, shooting headshots in a luxurious office setting instantly conveys the success you’ve achieved and can bring to the table for future clients. This modern style shows so much more than the traditional one.

Whatever your style, Diane French Photography will gladly work with you to achieve your desired professional image. Our Standard Headshot Session is $125 and includes a 35-minute session, a viewing gallery of 5 to 7 images and your choice of 2 High-Resolution Digital Negatives.

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