Remember these two love birds from their snowy bump session in Tappan, NY, this past winter (click here to see the full maternity session)? Well, that cute bump is now a handsome baby boy! He made his appearance a little earlier than expected, but not to dismay he was just perfect!

I was super excited when I heard the news that it was a boy and that I was going to get to hold him in my arms (I was needing my baby fix)! I must say he was a superstar sleeper, and very strong even in his sleep. We just couldn’t get him to uncurl his little fingers.


Awwwww! What a handsome little boy!


There’s that strength I was telling you about – already showing off those muscles!


And who says newborns don’t smile? If only he could tell us what he was thinking!


Those lips! I mean, come on!


Oh so sleepy!


His arms kept creeping up all on their own!


The love the parents have for this little boy – it melts my heart!


Mom’s got a lot of love for the two men in her life.


Cradled safely in Daddy’s arms.


A sweet kiss for her new baby boy.


Mom’s sweet embrace!


A great family picture to cherish for years to come!


He will be this tiny for such a short time – so special to capture it forever in pictures!


Snuggling with Mom and Dad on the couch.

I love everything about this family. The way they love and take care of each other. Their house is full of laughter and joy. They have me laughing every time I see them. I say this little guy is one lucky fella to be born into such happiness and love. Congratulations A. family on you newest member. I can’t wait to see how he grows!


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