Over the last year I changed the focus of my wonderful business. Sometimes you need to stop and think about what is and isn’t working for you. I had some tough decisions to make. While I LOVE family and children’s photography, it was time for a change. As some of you know already, I am no longer taking on family and children’s photo sessions. This was a pretty gut wrenching decision. I have formed so many relationships and friendships with my family clients over the years. For years I’ve watched families grow older, new babies arrive, braces going on and braces coming off. I have loved seeing your children change and get older. Knowing I was a witness as well as a small part of documenting their lives has been a privilege. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of it.

However it doesn’t mean I’m done with photography! In fact I have been busy working creating a new website, new branding and shooting with a different focus. Oh and most exciting,  I moved into a new studio in Park Ridge, NJ!

So if I’m not working with families what am I shooting you ask? The answer my friends (isn’t blowing in the wind) is Headshots and Business Branding Photography!  While I have always done this, I am now solely focused on creating stunning visuals for your businesses and individual profiles.  Over the last year I have been working strictly with individuals and business in all types kinds of fields, to up their game in social media, visual brand identity and their online presence. Adding photography to your website, social media and marking increases your presence, following and sales (yes I said sales) in our very visual world. Want to attract your ideal client? Then you need to get their attention and show them who you and your business are!

Having a modern professional headshot makes a great first impression. Chances are you have been Googled over and over again by prospective clients, HR people when applying for a job, college recruiters… What did they find? A photo of you with your family and friends, you on the beach or at a party? Is you profile pic a cropped image of your head with someone else’s arms around you or a selfie? While these photos are important to have, they they don’t scream professional, an expert at what you do. They don’t inspire confidence. These photos don’t say your customers should trust you and your business to get the job done.

Having a professional online presence is key in the world of Google and social media. Why not up your game and invest in your business? Send the message to potential customers before you even talk to them. That you are the best person for the job, not someone who is doing this on the side. Headshots and Branding Photography have changed the way people do and get business. Don’t be left behind.

If you haven’t already, I’d love you to check out our updated website and services at dianefrenchphoto.com and follow us on Instagram @dianefrenchphoto and Facebook. If you book a session and mention this post, you will receive 15% off your first headshot or branding session with me for the months of April and May of 2018 (applies only to full headshot and branding sessions. Discount can not be applied to The Headshot Event, sessions already booked or gift certificates). It’s time to put your best face forward!